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Group Facilitation & Life Coaching

I currently offer group facilitation Free-lance, and have designed and delivered courses with a wide range of outcomes including: developing well-being through poetry, nature crafting; understanding the basics of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), practising mindfulness, raising personal & social confidence and practising creative thinking.

I have worked in both corporate and charitable settings where the desired outcomes may be different but the group facilitation process has been similar. Utilising group coaching, facilitation techniques, discussion, attuned emotional intelligence and a collaberative working style, I create a safe space for innovative thinking, the sharing of ideas and/or opinion, active listening and the momentum & belief for people to work together and/or make changes.

At an individual level, the principles are the same. As a qualified Non-directional Performance Coach I believe in authenticity, hold a non-judgemental attitude, utilise a healthy degree of curiosity and enquiry, in order to help people take the steps they need to move toward their desired outcome. The benefits are many:

  • Challenging limited beliefs
  • Addressing real & imagined barriers to achieving goals
  • Tackling self-doubt
  • Creating a vision
  • Planning and implementing change

I have worked with people on a variety of topics:

  • Building confidence, developing resilience
  • Defining and implementing a new work/life balance
  • Developing personal well-being
  • Changing career direction & exploring career options
  • Interview preparation
  • Operational business planning
  • Creating a vision, mission and objectives
  • Marketing planning

For an informal, no obligation discussion on how coaching might support your personal development and ambitions, please get in touch.